Regular HEAP Benefit Add-Ons

+ $50 if the household’s gross income is in the Tier 1 income range (e.g., at or below 130% of the Federal Poverty Level)

+ $50 if the household contains a vulnerable individual (i.e., household member who is age 60 or older, under age 6 or permanently disabled)

Your total gross monthly income for your household size must be at or below the following guidelines:

Effective 10/01/09-9/30/10

Household Size

Maximum Gross Monthly Income

1 $2,030
2 $2,654
3 $3,279
4 $3,903
5 $4,528
6 $5,152
7 $5,269
8 $5,386
9 $5,503
10 $5,620
11 $6,029
Each additional Add $468


Applicants must bring identification (driver’s license, Social Security Card, Birth Certificate) and social security numbers for all household members (under age 6, birth certificate needed).  In addition, applicants must bring proof of residency, their most recent utility bill, and proof of income for the last four consecutive weeks. (proof of earned income for last four weeks, and/or other types of income such as child support, social security, worker’s compensation, etc)  Applicants who are self-employed will need to call (607) 723-6493 and schedule an appointment.  Applications will be taken at 5 West State Street Binghamton, New York 13901.  Opportunities for Broome will process the HEAP applications; however, final eligibility is determined by the Broome County Department of Social Services.  Opportunities for Broome, Inc. cannot process emergency HEAP applications and individuals seeking this service must contact the Broome County Department of Social Services.